Tips for healthy eating during pregnancy

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Healthy eating during pregnancy is one of the biggest keys to a healthy, full-term pregnancy and getting the nutrients that you baby needs. Making smart choices about your diet will ensure a great start for your child.

First things first, it’s important to know what to avoid during pregnancy. Consuming caffeine during pregnancy can have very negative effects on your baby, raising its heart rate and in some cases leading to low birth weight. Consumption of alcohol in any amount can also lead to birth defects, such as learning disabilities, diminished cognitive functions and emotional disorders. Understanding and following tips for healthy eating during pregnancy will help to avoid medical problems caused by consuming anything that may be harmful to your child.

Generally, with most pregnancies, a woman will typically gain the least amount of weight during her first trimester (app. 1-5 lbs.), and then gain around a pound per week in the second and third trimesters. Healthy eating during pregnancy throughout all phases is important to gaining the appropriate amount of weight and having healthier babies.

Many women will experience bouts of nausea during pregnancy, making consumption of full meals somewhat difficult. Eating smaller meals or snacking with healthy foods between meals is certainly an acceptable means of healthy eating during pregnancy. As your pregnancy continues, your baby will crowd your stomach more, making it less palatable to eat a full meal, so being creative with your eating schedule is okay as long as you are meeting the required daily nutrients needs for you and your baby.

Inevitably, many women will also experience various cravings of different foods that they may not otherwise find tempting. Although healthy eating during pregnancy is of vital importance, the occasional cookie or bowl of chocolate ice cream won’t be harmful, as long as it remains the exception rather than the norm.

Healthy eating during pregnancy will not only help to boost the health and well being of you and your baby, it will ensure that your baby is equipped with all the proper vitamins and nutrients that will lead to a successful birth and start to life.

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